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Technology Innovation, Adoption, & Diffusion - Oakland Campus

This guide will provide helpful resources and strategies to use when working on the TIAD Final Project for Dr. Kemerer's BMIS 2679 course

Where to Look for Information

You will likely want to use resources from four general categories: industry research, market research, company research, article research.

These four categories should help you answer the key questions in your report. For instance, the Industry Research and Market Research tabs will be helpful when looking for information on the market share dynamics and Article Research will likely help when crafting the value proposition.

Helpful Hints

You are likely going to need to try multiple databases to get all the information you need for this assignment.
Here are some tips to keep in mind as you research:

  • Some databases are better for certain topics than others
  • Use synonyms and any suggested subject terms or keywords
    • i.e. mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile money, transfer payments
  • Keep in mind the type of source you are looking at. Is it a trade article or scholarly and peer-reviewed? What type of source do you need?
  • Add keywords like "forecast," "market," and "sales" to your search to retrieve more relevant results
  • Start with broad searches and narrow from there
    • i.e. start with "autonomous vehicles" and narrow down to "self-driving cars" to make sure you don't miss something
  • Pay attention to the date something was published. Do you need current information?
    • If you are researching an older technology, you might need to use older print resources.