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Wellness Resources for STEM Students

Your guide to find evidence-based resources about mental health and wellness.

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Wellness and self-care are essential to student and professional success. With a special focus on wellness and self-care for STEM students, the Wellness Resources for STEM Students LibGuide compiles a variety of wellness related resources available through the University Library System, the University of Pittsburgh, local institutions, and the City of Pittsburgh.


The Year of Emotional Well-Being - 2022-2023

Pitt's "Year Of..." initiative is organized by the Office of the Provost and focuses on one area related to the University for the course of the school year. Provost Ann Cudd announced, "The choice of this theme offers an opportunity to engage collectively with a focus on restoring and enhancing our emotional well-being." The Office of the Provost will support events and projects related to the theme of Emotional Well-Being. You can read Provost Cudd's full announcement at: Announcing the Year of Emotional Well-Being, Provost Announecements.

Student Wellness @ Pitt

University of Pittsburgh's Student Affairs offers a wide variety of on-campus and remote resources and services. Check out the following services to start managing your mental health well-being. 

What is well-being? The concept of well-being is both simple and complex. In its most basic sense, well-being is an overall measurement (or evaluation) of life. If we are doing well and are generally satisfied with our life, then our well-being is good. And when our well-being is good, we are able to lead a successful life driven by purpose, fulfillment, and achievement. Check out What is Well-Being? for more information!

Get involved with student organizations. Find the full list of student organizations at Organizations - University of Pittsburgh - Main Campus.

Mindfulness meditation helps us train the wandering, agitated mind.   Recent research on mindfulness training published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience found that students engaged in mindfulness training showed greater sustained attention task performance and lower self-reported mind wandering during task completion than control students who received no training!


Guided Mindfulness Meditation PracticesPicture of character meditating with headphones on.


5 Minute Meditation


10 Minute Meditation


15 Minute Meditation