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Religions of the West - Oakland Campus for 2141 HIST 0125: Home

This guide is designed to support the research of the students in Dr. Shear's Religions of the West class.

How Do I . .

. . Find sources for my research?

Starting your research can be tough, but these pages can help you along the way. If you're stuck at any point, talk to a librarian Librarians can save you time and work by pointing you toward the best source of information for your topic.

. . Find article on a topic?

The ULS has access to millions of full-text articles online through the ULS Databases.

. . Find background sources for the study of Western religions?

Look for information in dictionaries, encyclopedias,and handbooks.

. . Get items that are on Reserve?

Instructors often put materials on “reserve” so that everyone in the class has equal access to the materials.

. . Know if a source is "scholarly" or "peer reviewed"?

Most instructors ask student to use “peer reviewed” or “scholarly” sources for assignments.  Here’s how to recognize when an information source is scholarly . . .

. . Get help with writing and citing sources?

. .Find tips on how to evaluate Internet sources?

Liaison Librarian

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Christopher Lemery
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