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Philanthropy, Grants, and Fund Raising Resources @ Pitt: Getting Started

This LibGuide supports the research work of the University of Pittsburgh’s Philanthropy Forum and courses such as “Matching Money with Mission: Philanthropy and Society” and "Grant Writing and Fund Raising."

About This Philanthropy Guide . . .

Pittsburgh is one of the country’s leading philanthropic centers with approximately 3,000 registered nonprofit organizations. 

 This LibGuide is designed to guide you to some high-quality resources that will help you find material about philanthropy, grants and funding sources, and also evaluate the sources.  

Useful Journals

These journals provide articles about  philanthrophy, foundations and nonprofit organizations. Most of these journals are available electronically, on campus,  or at The Pittsburgh Foundation Center in the Carnegie Library. Try searching terms such as "nongovernmental organizations" or "NGO," or "humanitarian" in addition to "foundation" or "nonprofit."

The Philanthropy Forum at GSPIA - University of Pittsburgh

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The University of Pittsburgh’s Philanthropy Forum at GSPIA offers a university-based setting to examine the innovations and implications arising from the field. The Forum seeks to highlight philanthropic advances that originated in Pittsburgh, tapping the city’s rich philanthropic tradition as a learning laboratory to understand past progress, current practice and future developments.  Information on the Forum, its courses, upcoming programs and events, and contact information can be found through the link above.  The Forum is led by Kathleen W. Buechel, GSPIA instructor and former president of the ALCOA Foundation, a global asset based corporate foundation.

What do I want to do?

Key Reference Books

Newer editions of several of these books are available in The Pittsburgh Foundation Center   located in Carnegie Library. 


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