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Philanthropy, Grants, and Fund Raising Resources @ Pitt: Books

This LibGuide supports the research work of the University of Pittsburgh’s Philanthropy Forum and courses such as “Matching Money with Mission: Philanthropy and Society” and "Grant Writing and Fund Raising."

Finding Books

Find print and online books in Pitt's libraries by using the university's online catalog, PittCat. When searching for e-books in PittCat, refine your results to include only online materials.  

You can also find e-books in Pitt's libraries by searching the Ebook Central Database.

Useful keywords include philanthropy, philanthropists, charities, endowments, giving, fundraising, charity organizations, foundations, and humanitarianism.

Key Books



A nonprofit is a group, organization, institution or corporation formed to provide goods and/or services for a charitable, educational, religious, literary or scientific purpose. Nonprofits' assets are usually donated by companies, foundations or individuals who do not expect to be repaid. These contributions are tax deductible.

Philanthropy is generally defined as the voluntary granting of money, goods, services or support by an individual, foundation, corporation or endowment.

If a foundation or nonprofit meets the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service's Code, section 501(c)(3), it can obtain tax-exempt status, and does not pay federal or state income taxes.

For more information on what nonprofits do and terminology about nonprofits, philanthropy and funding, see:

Key Reference Books

Newer editions of several of these books are available in The Pittsburgh Foundation Center located in Carnegie Library.