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Multimedia Database Tools for Faculty @ Pitt

A guide to the multimedia tools of databases for personal and online classroom use.

Streaming Video Databases

These are the key library databases that provide video. These databases also offer the playlist capabilities.

Streaming Video Collections

The ULS is currently streaming a select number of films on Kanopy. You can search for ‘Kanopy’ in PittCat to see these titles. The expiration date varies by title but is visible in the detailed information provided in PittCat.

Anyone interested in gaining access to film or media for research or teaching are encouraged to submit the media request form.

Create Video Playlists and Embed Video

A playlist is a selection of media (text, images, videos, clips, tracks, URLs) that are grouped together. You can also add ANY outside URL to a playlist, including links to YouTube videos. Annotations can be added to anything in the playlist.

You can save your own playlists in the Alexander Street Press music and theater databases, share them with students via permanent URL's, or embed the URLs and video into CourseWeb.

Video Available from the ULS

To find ULS D-Scribe digital publishing that contains video files, search the collections.

There are currently 5 collections that have video:

D-Scholarship@Pitt Dick Thornburgh Papers Free at Last? Slavery in Pittsburgh in the 18th and 19th Centuries Historic Pittsburgh: Collection Homepage Pennsylvania Digital Library
Search by format for video

Panopto @ Pitt

Pitt maintains a collection of course and event related videos through Panopto. You must use a Pitt username and password to log in.

example of Pitt Panopto homepage

Video Content from Pitt's YouTube Channel