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European Union Information @ Pitt

This guide will assist students and faculty with their research into the European Union (EU).

About The European Union

The European Union (EU) is a supranational organization that is currently composed of 27 European countries. The EU began as the European Steel and Coal Community in 1951. Since then, the EU has developed in stages with the creation of an economic community, development of a single market and the removal of many trade restrictions and border controls. The EU now has a common currency and has begun to develop a common foreign affairs policy.

Key European Union Databases

European Union Information at Pitt

The University Library System has been an EU depository library since 1975, and all of this depository collection is listed in the electronic catalog PittCat. In 2007, the Delegation of the European Union to the US donated its entire collection to the University Library System, where in 2014 it was named the Barbara Sloan European Union Delegation Collection (BSEUDC). This is a closed collection, but accessible by appointment. Pitt is also home to the European Studies Center and the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence

EU Reference Books


Grateful acknowledgement is given to Jim Church of the UC-Berkely Libraries for reuse of this European Union guide.