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Media Production Equipment & Services Equipment Lending Program

Information about the Equipment Lending Program at Hillman Library

Borrower Information

More Help

Disputes about returned equipment will be resolved only with full time staff, between the hours of 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on weekdays.

If you are enrolled in a course that you believe has access to Course Reserve equipment, but are not currently on a roster here, please contact your instructor for further instructions. All roster updates must come in writing from instructors.

Use the Pitt Directory to find your course instructor’s contact information. 

Borrowing Equipment at Hillman Library

By borrowing items from the Media Production Equipment & Services Office , you are agreeing to our Borrower's Agreement and Terms of Use.


For the Hillman Equipment Collection:

  • All students, faculty, and staff with a current University of Pittsburgh ID card are eligible to borrow equipment during our hours of operation.

For Reserve Equipment:

  • Only University of Pittsburgh students currently enrolled in designated classes, in good standing, with a current University of Pittsburgh ID card are eligible to borrow equipment during our hours of operation.

For All:

  • Patrons are responsible for damaged or lost items.
  • Late items will accrue overdue fines.

Loan Periods & Renewals

Equipment circulates for 3 days at a time.

Hillman Equipment Collection may not be renewed.  You must return all items and wait one hour before checking out again.

Course Reserve Equipment Loans may be extended only at the discretion of the course faculty who will provide the student with an official equipment extension form. Equipment loans will not be extended without prior written consent from faculty. 


Fines & Fees

The overdue charge for each kit and piece of equipment is $10.00 per day.

After 24 hours of being overdue, the equipment will automatically be considered lost or stolen and you will be billed for the replacement cost (determined by your department).

If items are not returned promptly, a $15.00 lost item processing fee will also be assessed.

Best Practices for Borrowing Equipment

You are responsible for all pieces of the equipment that you borrow. Do not leave equipment unattended at any time. If any piece of equipment is stolen while it is checked out to you, you are responsible.

Do not share equipment with anyone. Equipment is not transferable. All equipment must be returned by the borrower who checked it out.

If any issues arise while you are borrowing, please bring it to the attention of library staff immediately.

  • Always bring your ID card to check out equipment.
  • Participate in the co-check-out process.
  • Always keep your items with the bags they came in, never switch parts between kits.
  • Treat equipment with respect.
  • Never leave equipment unattended.
  • Always repack the kits the way they were when you received them.
  • Always check for your SD cards before returning items.
  • Communicate any issues to Media Production Equipment & Services staff promptly.