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History of the English Language - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist students in Dr. Greenfield's History of the English Language (ENGLIT 1552) course in researching the development of their chosen words.


This LibGuide was created in collaboration with Pitt-Greensburg alumna, Deidre Stuffer, an avid tea drinker and lover of early modern typography, who is pursuing graduate study in English Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. When she was Professor Greenfield's research assistant, she spent roughly ten hours each week transcribing Shakespearean allusions from facsimiles in ECCO, EEBO, and Burney.

History of the English Language - Greensburg Campus

For this course, you are required to write a 5-page research paper about the origin and evolution of a word of your choosing.  In order to successfully create and support a thesis statement, you will need to use many of the Library's online resources.  This LibGuide is intended to help serve as a research gateway for this assignment. 

Definition of acronyms:

OED = The Oxford English Dictionary

EEBO = Early English Books Online

ECCO = Eighteenth Century Collections Online

NCCO = Nineteenth Century Collections Online

USING THIS GUIDE:  I recommend that you use the tabs in the order that they are arranged.  You should start with the OED tab, then move to the EEBO tab, and then to Artemis, etc.  Each tab builds on the one prior to it.

Please don't forget that you may always ask a librarian for help!