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History of the English Language - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist students in Dr. Greenfield's History of the English Language (ENGLIT 1552) course in researching the development of their chosen words.

National Newspapers (Historical and Current)


To access National Newspapers, click on the image above.

What is National Newspapers?

National Newspapers via ProQuest provides full text access to the following:

  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Los Angeles Times
  • New York Times
  • New York Times Book Review
  • New York Times Magazine
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post

Do I have access to both historical and current articles in this database?

Yes. but you'll have to do a little bit of work.  Don't worry, it's pretty easy!

To access current articles, simply click on the image above.  This takes you to a database called "National Newspapers Core."  Dates of full-text coverage vary depending on the newspaper.  To view the dates of full-text coverage for each newspaper, click on the "Publications" tab.

To access historical newspaper articles, click on the the image above.  Once you are in the database, locate the "Searching: 1 database" heading in the upper left corner of the screen.  Click on the hyperlinked "1 database."  This should bring up a drop-down box with an alphabetical list of database titles.  Click on the checkbox in front of "Select all," then click on it again.  This should clear all selections, so you know you are starting with a clean slate.  Now scroll to the "ProQuest Historical Newspapers" section.  Once you've located this section, you may select the newspapers you would like to search by clicking on the checkboxes to the left.  (You may choose to search just one, several, or all of them at the same time.)  Once you have selected the newspapers you would like to search, click on the "Use selected databases" button at the bottom of the drop-dox box. 

Is it possible for me to search the current and historical newspapers at the same time?

Yes, it should allow you to search both current and historical newspapers at the same time if you follow the steps outlined above.

Will the results list look the same for both the current and historical newspapers?

More or less, but there are some minor differences.

When you search for current articles, you will be able to sort the results by "Relevance," which is the default.  You can also search by publication date.  In addition to the basic publication information, you will also be given an abstract, or summary of the article, and the full-text.  The full-text will be a transcription of the article.

When you search for historical articles, the database will allow you to sort by "Oldest first."  However, the default setting is to sort by "Relevance."  In addition to the basic publication information and abstract, you will be given a PDF image of both the article and the entire page (Page view).