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The Underground Press @ Archives & Special Collections: Feminist Press

This guide provides an overview of the underground newspapers and magazines that can be found at Special Collections

Feminist Publications

Local Publications

Allegheny Feminist (Network News)

  • Created by the Pittsburgh Feminist Network in 1976
  • Provided a communications medium for feminist activists


  • Monthly newsletter of the Slippery Rock Women's Studies Program


  • Attempted to connect various feminist news outlets
  • Provided lists of feminist publications and how to obtain them

The Lily

  • Newsletter of Bloomer's, a feminist bar in Pittsburgh's Southside

Motheroot Journal

  • Reviewed independently published feminist books


  • Newsletter of Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
  • First published in the mid 1970s

Pennsylvania NOW Times

  • Official state-level newsletter of the National Organization for Women in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Woman

  • Pittsburgh women's newspaper
  • Dedicated to Jane Grey Cannon Swisshelm, a Pittsburgh native and one of the nation's first female political journalists

Successful Women

  • A lifestyle newspaper dedicated to women's empowerment


  • Newsletter of the University of Pittsburgh's Women's Studies Program, Women's Center, and Undergraduate Women's Union

Woman Becoming

  • Feminist literary magazine
  • First published in 1972

The Feminist Press

Feminist power fist

The Feminist Press was largely concerned with the development of the women's liberation movement in the 60s and 70s and eventually grew into a more diffuse network of activists concerned with female empowerment, gender equality, and the abolition of oppressive patriarchal structures.  A great deal of the feminist publications contained in Special Collections are indeed underground publications, but some titles (such as Ms.) would not fall into this category.  They are included here, however, to present a more comprehensive view of the publishing history of the feminist movement.

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Covers of The Allegheny Feminist
Cover of Issue 124 of Spare Rib
Cover of Vol. II No. 7 issue of Off Our Backs
Cover of Vol. VI No. 4 issue of Broomstick
Cover of Vol. 1 No. 3 issue of Womanspirit
Cover of Vol. 1 No. 2 issue of Momma

Secondary Sources

Additional Resources

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