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The Underground Press @ Archives & Special Collections: Student Press

This guide provides an overview of the underground newspapers and magazines that can be found at Special Collections

Student Publications

Local Publications

Henderson Station

  • 1971-1972
  • Published by the State College Free Press, State College, PA
  • Focused on antiwar activism, advocated for an end to the war in Vietnam, and publicized a variety of nonviolent tactics to oppose the war

The Water Tunnel

  • 1969-1971
  • Published by the State College Free Press, State College, PA
  • Focused on radical politics and the growing student movement at Penn State

Additional Resources

Pittsburgh & Regional Newspapers

The Student Press

Student Power Fist

Despite all being written from the perspective of students, the Student Press is a surprisingly diverse set of publications.  Throughout the 60s and 70s these papers were primarily produced by college students on campuses across the country, however, papers were also produced by high school students (such as I'm All Right from Pittsburgh) and even life long learners (such as The Free You from Menlo Park, CA).  These papers were often aimed at educating their fellow students, encouraging and supporting on campus activism, and helping to create networks of movers and shakers within their communities. 

Cover of Issue 13 of Free You
Cover of Vol. 5 No. 10 issue of Movement
Cover of Vol. 4 No. 3 issue of The Water Tunnel
Cover of Vol. 1 No. 4 issue of I'm All Right

Secondary Sources

Archives Service Center