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HPA 2320: Psychosocial and Behavioral Aspects of Health: Writing & Citing

Resources for Dr. Ross's Masters-level class @ Pitt-Oakland

Cited and Citing References

Following links between articles that cite each other can be a useful way of expanding your awareness of relevant articles. An article citing another one implies a subject connection between the two.

Many databases make it easy to identify these connections by including links in the full record for an article:

  • Cited articles - a list of the "footnotes"  or references in the article. This list identifies articles published earlier that were read and used by the authors of this article.
  • Citing articles - a list of articles that refer back to or cite this article. This list identifies newer articles written on a related topic that used and referred to this article. 
  • Related articles - usually a list of articles that cite at least one reference in common with this article. If two articles cite a third article in common, it implies a subject connection between the two articles.

The Web of Science database was designed specifically to enable citation searching to find these connections. Choose Cited reference search after connecting to the database. You can then do either a Cited author or a Cited Work (cited article) search.

Putting it all together

Organizing your research and putting your ideas down on paper can be difficult.  You can get writing help at the Writing Center.

A Helpful Guide

Citation Styles

APA Style

Citing Sources Using a Citation Manager

Keep track of all of your reference lists and bibliographies. Pitt's library resources work with citation management tools and allow you to import citations from sources like PittCat and article databases. 

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