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HPA 2320: Psychosocial and Behavioral Aspects of Health: Do We Own It?

Resources for Dr. Ross's Masters-level class @ Pitt-Oakland

Do We Own It?

Research databases often list articles from more sources than the library owns. If you already have a reference to a specific article, or a database record does not link to the full text of an article, how can you find out if the article is available?

Ejournals Search

 an ejournals search from the main University Library System web page.The title of the journal is Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

 the results page from the ejournals search. The results indicate that Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise is held by the Pitt libraries both in print and online for different years. The online versions of the journal contain links to the actual journal issues and there is a link to the PITTCat record for the print volumes.

Full Text Finder


Can't Find It?

If we do not have a particular book, article or other resource in our collection, you can borrow it from another campus or local, national or worldwide library through our free interlibrary loan services.