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Medieval and Renaissance Studies - Oakland: Deluxe Facsimiles

This guide is designed for students enrolled in Medieval and Renaissance Studies courses.

Deluxe Manuscript Facsimiles at Pitt

This set of pages serves as an introduction to Pitt's unique collection of deluxe manuscript facsimiles that we hold as a prime resource for students, faculty, and researchers. Deluxe manuscript facsimiles can be defined as luxury copies of existing manuscripts, often published as limited editions and created with special bindings and costly materials. 

Interested in bringing in your class to view our unique resources, or do your own research with these materials at the Frick Fine Arts Library or Special Collections? The following individuals can help you get started:  

Kate Joranson, Head of the Frick Fine Arts Library: 

Kiana Jones, Fine Arts Librarian: 

Clare Withers, Liaison to Medieval and Renaissance Studies:

We have deluxe manuscript facsimiles from the 5th century through the 16th century.


Requesting Facsimiles Through the ULS

Contact us directly to see our deluxe facsimiles in either the Frick Fine Arts Library or Special Collections. When browsing our deluxe facsimiles by century, click through to the linked PittCat record and let us know the title and call number of the item you would like to see, and we can schedule an appointment with you. 

Please note that although you have access to these materials, expect a few days' waiting time for us to pull the materials for you. If you are planning to bring a class in to view these materials, please contact us at least two weeks in advance.