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Leibniz As Cryptographer, Spring 2013 @ Archives & Special Collections: Visiting Special Collections

Displays the cryptography machine that Leibniz developed in the 1670's, together with related scholarly material, such as Nicholas Rescher's book on Leibniz as cryptographer and historical documents.

Location and Hours

Special Collections Department

363 Hillman Library

3960 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: 412-648-8190

Fax 412-648-7887



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Special Collections Usage Policies

Guidelines for Using Materials in the Special Collections Department

Welcome to Special Collections

SC Reading Room

 We are looking forward to your visit. To get you started, here a few useful things to know:

  • Please fill out the Researcher Registration form the first time you visit.

  • Ask the reference desk staff for a locker key to place your belonging such as coat and book bags. Only bring in material you need to complete your research. Laptops, notebooks, and digital cameras are permitted. Please use only pencil when taking notes (we can provide pencils).

  • Food or drink is not permitted in the reading room.

  • Please keep your cell phone on vibrate or silent. If you receive a call, please use hallways to take it.

  • When using archival material, please use only one box and one folder at a time. This will ensure that all folders are returned to the correct box in the correct order.

  • Ask for white cotton gloves if you will be handling photographs.

  • Please handle all materials delicately.

  • Photocopies are available for .25 cents per page. Special Collections staff will do all photocopying for you. Due to staffing levels it might be 2-3 days before we can complete your order. Please ask the staff member at the reference desk about the procedure to request photocopies.

  • You may bring your own digital camera to take pictures of materials. This can be done in lieu of ordering photocopies. There is no charge, we just ask that you fill out the Digital Camera Usage form agreeing to fair use copyright.

  • Remember the reference desk staff is always available for questions and will be glad to assist you!