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Leibniz As Cryptographer, Spring 2013 @ Archives & Special Collections: Leibniz Exhibition Materials

Displays the cryptography machine that Leibniz developed in the 1670's, together with related scholarly material, such as Nicholas Rescher's book on Leibniz as cryptographer and historical documents.

Leibniz Studies from German Universities

The exhibit  presents a variety of scholarly works examining Leibniz's philosophical and mathematical ideas. 


Leibniz Haus

The exhibit contains editions of some of Leibniz's work from the early 18th century, including a 1744 edition of The Theodicy. Another volume on display has an illustration of the calculating machine. There are also dissertations and monographs on Leibniz's work from German universities dating from the late 18th and early 19th centuries on display. In addition, there is an original letter written to Leibniz in 1711 with annotations by Leibniz. Further, there is a recent monograph written by Dr. Rescher about Leibniz, his work in cryptography, and the process Dr. Rescher used to reconstruct the machine.

The Leibnizhaus is illustrated below.

The Theodicy and an Illustration of the Calculating Machine

Hansch - Leibniz Letter

The exhibit also displays a letter sent to Leibniz by a German scientist named Hansche. This letter has handwritten commentary by Leibniz and is dated 1711.