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Resources on the 1892 Homestead Steel Strike @ Pitt Archives: Workers

This guide provides information on archival resources pertaining to the 1892 Homestead Steel Strike at the University of Pittsburgh.

Men of Steel

Back to Work

After the strike had ended Henry Clay Frick released a statement that the Carnegie Steel Company would rehire any workmen who were involved in the strike. Should their previous position in the mill be filled they would be assigned to a new job. The only exception to this offer is that the company refused to rehire any workers that were charged with crimes as a result of the Battle of Homestead.

The William Martin Papers contain a copy of Frick's statement on the rehiring of strikers. The collection also contains a letter to Martin from John Miller, who was refused work at the mill for his role on the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers' strike advisory committee. He and his son were denied their old positions because he was charged with treason as a result of his involvement in the advisory committee. In the letter Miller denies taking part in the committee and pleas for Martin to personally speak with Frick to negotiate employment for him and his son. 

The letter can be found in Box 3, Folder 5, William Martin Papers, 1866-1933, AIS.2005.06, Archives & Special Collections, University of Pittsburgh Library System

Deceased Strikers

Shot by cannon

These are Allegheny County Coroner Inquest Case Files for seven workers that succumbed to injuries sustained during the Homestead Strike.  The case files are comprised of a Request for Inquest that provides a summary of the cause of death; a page of biographical information; and a statement by the jury that describes how the deceased suffered their injury and who is at fault. In each case the blame is placed on an "unlawful assembly" of locked out steelworkers.

Strikers Under Arrest

Name: John McLuckie. Residence: Homestead. Sex: Male. Age: 41. Color: W. Nationality: American. Occupation: Steel Worker. Married or Single: M. Read or Write: Y. Charge: Murder.


In the aftermath of the Battle of Homestead, many strikers were arrested on counts of conspiracy, treason, and murder. These men were quickly rounded up and sent to Allegheny County Jail. Prison records pertaining to these men can be found in Reel 1, Allegheny County, Pa. Jail Records (Court Dockets), 1863-1932, AIS.1975.08, Archives & Special Collections, University of Pittsburgh Library System

The image above is the prisoner register entry of John McLuckie, Burgess of Homestead, who was jailed on July 19, 1892, while charged with murder during the strike.