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Research Methods in Psychology - Oakland Campus

A guide to using PsycINFO, Google Scholar, and other psychology resources for PSY 0037.

How to use this guide

Students should rely on this guide for coursework throughout the term, including literature searching, citing using APA style, refining your research topic and preparing your paper.  Use the guide to find optimal resources and identify strategies for conducting efficient research.   Have questions? Contact the Psychology Librarian, Aimee Jenkins.

What is Scholarly Information?

Cover of Journal of Applied Psychology

  • Written for professors, students or researchers.
  • Have a plain appearance and titles may include words like "Journal," "Transactions," or "Quarterly"
  • Reviewed by a board of experts or "peer reviewed."
  • Follow a standard format: abstract, literature review, methodology, results, conclusion, possibly footnotes, endnotes and/or bibliography.
  • May include tables, graphs or illustrations to support research.
  • Contain very little advertising.

Cover of Psychology Today

  • May have a bright cover with many glossy pictures.
  • Designed to attract a broad segment of the population.
  • Has no specific format.
  • Contain unsigned articles at times (no listed author).
  • Reviewed by general editors of the magazine.
  • May include tables, graphs or illustrations.
  • Contain lots of advertising.

Cover of New Scientist

  • May have a bright cover.
  • Provide information of use to a particular industry.
  • No specific format.
  • Articles sometimes unsigned.
  • General editors of the magazine review articles.
  • Advertising is used to appeal to those in the field.

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