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Course & Subject Guides

Research Methods in Psychology - Oakland Campus

A guide to using PsycINFO, Google Scholar, and other psychology resources for PSY 0037.

Using the Thesaurus

If you are having difficulty finding results for your concept, use the thesaurus feature to identify the appropriate search terms.  

The thesaurus link is next to Advanced Search.   


  • Choose Contains word/s and enter your search term to search the thesaurus. 


  • If you don't see your term listed, enter a synonym, search for the broader topic, or search for a related term  




Using the Thesaurus

  • Click the terms or the Notes icon to see more information about the term.  Included may be:
    • Broader Terms will expand your search.
    • Narrower Terms will limit your search.
    • Related Terms are alternate possibilities (try them all).
    • Use terms/Use term for points to terms for synonymous concepts.
    • Use instead indicates the preferred thesaurus terms.
  • Check the boxes of the terms you would like to utilize in your Advanced Search.
  • Combine terms using AND, OR or NOT. AND will narrow search, OR will broaden search and NOT will exclude the terms from your Advanced Search.
  • Click Add to Search to add the selected thesaurus terms to your search.