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Research Methods in Psychology - Oakland Campus

A guide to using PsycINFO, Google Scholar, and other psychology resources for PSY 0037.

Create List of Selected Resources

Combine your preferred results into a list:

  • Check the boxes of the items you want to keep
  • Add to your Selected items list as you continue searching
  • Click Selected Items to review your resource list
  • Edit your list by checking and/or deleting items
  • Cite, Email, Print ...or More to create a list


Tips for Completing Your Assignment

  • Get the Full Text: PsycINFO will sometimes list an abstract as a complete reference (especially dissertation abstracts).  Please do NOT use those citations for this assignment, because it is very rare to cite an abstract as an actual reference.  In other words, make sure the full text for all of your sources is available (either electronically or in hard copy at the library).
  • Avoid Using Dissertations: While dissertations are great sources for research, most dissertations have to be requested from other libraries. Obtaining a copy of a dissertation will often take longer than you have to complete this assignment.
  • Read the Citation: Citations in PsycINFO will include a note at the end of the citation describing what kind of material is being cited (book, book chapter, dissertation, journal article, etc). This description will be in brackets at the end of the citation, and it can help point to which resource -- PittCat for books, or databases for articles -- you should use to find that item.
  • Don't Wait: Yeah, yeah, you've heard it before. While the University Library System has a lot of stuff, not everything indexed in PsycINFO will be in the Pitt  library system.  Waiting to complete this assignment may put you in the situation where the item you want is checked out or just not available at Pitt, and you may be left scrambling hours before the assignment deadline. The best thing you can do is give yourself enough time to find alternative sources if you have to.

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