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The Wellness Room Resources - Bradford Campus

A wellness room is a quiet, private space where students, staff, and faculty can temporarily escape work-related stressors without leaving the campus.

Purpose of the Wellness Room for Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Wellness Room exists to provide a safe, non-threatening environment where our campus community can take a quiet moment to relax, reflect, meditate, pray, or just be.  

  • The Wellness Room is located on the second floor of the Hanley Library, room 224C. To use the Wellness Room, one person at a time with a valid Pitt ID may check out the Wellness Room for a 1-hour segment during regular library hours. Visit the Hanley Library's service desk to check out the key. 


The purpose of the Hanley Library Wellness Room for Mind, Body, and Spirit policy is to provide a basis for equitable and accessible service to all patrons who request to use the Wellness Room. For the collective good, we believe that patrons who check out the room can help us care for this room and its items. It is vital that patrons follow the policies and procedures to ensure its availability for continuous use by all.  To read our entire policy, visit ___. 



 Art Supplies 


1 Portable CD Player 

2 packs of coloring pencils 

2 paintings 

1 headphone set 

Coloring sheets in metal holder 

2 picture frames 

10 CDs (non-circulating) 


2 plants 

1 sound machine 







 Soothing/Fidget Items 

 Yoga & Meditation Items 

1 Fountain 

1 bamboo sand tray with sand 

2 yoga mats  

(1 pink/purple & 1 green) 

1 White, Round Table 

2 sand tools 

1 round sitting pillow 

1 White Tray 

4 sand accessories 

4 aqua blue, square sitting pillows 

1 Bamboo table-tray 

1 Moving Sand Art 


1 bottle of wipes 

2 multicolored fidget items 


Box of tissues 

1 Light Blue Infinity Cube 


2 LED light strings 

2 stress balls