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Communication Capstone - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist undergraduate communication students in developing and writing their senior thesis paper for COMM 1950.

Communication Capstone - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist you in developing your research topic and subsequent paper for COMM 1950: Communication Capstone or for other projects in communication studies.  It will also provide you with links to helpful sites and people.

According to the Pitt-Greensburg program sheet for communication, this discipline "investigates a broad range of topics and incorporates knowledge acquired from other fields...including psychology, sociology, anthropology and linguistics." 

The Research Process in a Nutshell

  • Develop a topic that asks a question or poses a problem that interests you.
  • Select appropriate search terms for your subject. For example:
    • mass media
    • rhetorical criticism
    • social exchange theory
    • viral marketing
    • word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising
  • Search PittCat and subject oriented databases.
  • Revise your topic. Determine how you will answer your question.
  • Evaluate your resources carefully!
  • When in doubt, contact your librarian.

These sample worksheets will help you refine your research topic and understand how to evaluate a scholarly journal article. 

Resources for Evaluating Sources

Here are tips and guidelines for evaluating sources.