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Art History - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist you in your research for Dr. McAlister's Art History courses. It will also provide you with links to helpful sites and people.

Helpful Resources for Completing the Assignment

Finding information on the monument of your choice may be difficult, depending on what you chose.  The National Park Service has plenty of information on their statues and monuments.  However, if you want to research something more local, you may have to do a little more digging. 

Try the following outlets to get information about the monument, statue and artist:

  • Local Visitor's / Tourist websites
  • Local Historical Societies
  • Articles from local newspapers about the monuments or statues unveiling; or investigative articles about the monument or statue
  • Archives - local libraries, local Universities, city, state.  Most states are trying to digitize their collections, but you can always contact them via web or phone or additional information.
  • Local Museums - they may have some regional information on their websites

How to get information on the artist:

  • You can try Oxford Art Online, but not getting any search results is not uncommon.
  • The artist's website
  • Look to see if they have had any exhibitions at a local museum, the museum should have some biographical information from their brochures or exhibition books.
  • Articles from local newspapers on the unveiling may have some artists thoughts or quotes about the piece.