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Pennsylvania Native Plants @ Pitt

Your guide to open web and Pitt resources about the native plants of Pennsylvania and their many benefits.

Living in a city can be overwhelming. There are thousands of people doing a thousand different tasks. There are endless traffic jams, honking horns, and blinking lights. It is important to take time for yourself to unwind and take a break from the stimuli. While exploring these parks and institutions, take time to identify the natives you come across and the efforts of the community to increase native plant populations. Observation is a powerful tool; as soon as you are able to identify native plants, trees, and shrubs, you will start to notice the pollinators and wildlife they support. City parks and green spaces are essential microecosystems throughout the concrete jungle. Check out the following city parks, hikes, and natural institutions to find your green space getaway without ever having to leave the city.

"Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing."

American Psychological Association. (2020, April). Nurtured by Nature. Monitor on Psychology.

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