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Course & Subject Guides

Organic Chemistry - Bradford Campus

A guide to assist students in Dr. David Soriano's CHEM 0206: Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 0208: Organic Chemistry II classes.

The Research Process

  • Develop a topic that asks a question or poses a problem that interests you.
  • Select appropriate search terms for your subject.  Use the worksheet below for help.
    For Example:
    • Heterogeneous catalysis
    • asymmetric hydrogenation
    • organic synthesis
    • Porous organic polymers
    • aerobic oxidation
  • Search PittCat and subject oriented databases.
  • Revise your topic. Determine how you will answer your question.
  • Evaluate your resources carefully!
  • When in doubt, contact your librarian.

Need Research Ideas?

Browse the latest research articles or the top research in professional organizations for research ideas.

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