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A guide to assist students in Dr. David Soriano's CHEM 0206: Organic Chemistry I and CHEM 0208: Organic Chemistry II classes.

Organic Chemistry

This LibGuide provides resources and links to help with your Organic Chemistry Class. 


"Humans seem to be fascinated by the idea that unseen chemical signals termed pheromones might be subconsciously guiding their actions without their conscious awareness. Pheromones are chemical signals that are sent between members of the same species. They are often effective in eliciting responses at much lower concentrations than typically required for the perception of odors and can have dramatic effects on animal behavior..... It is unlikely that pheromones could be having such dramatic effects within the complexities of human social interactions. However, there is the possibility that human physiology and behavior may be influenced in more subtle ways by pheromonal signals without their being perceived directly."  Read more.

The Research Process

  • Develop a topic that asks a question or poses a problem that interests you.
  • Select appropriate search terms for your subject. In the field of chemistry, you may want to be more specific in your search term to yield better results. For example:
    • Heterogeneous catalysis
    • asymmetric hydrogenation
    • organic synthesis
    • Porous organic polymers
    • aerobic oxidation
  • Search PITTCat+ and subject oriented databases.
  • Revise your topic. Determine how you will answer your question.
  • Evaluate your resources carefully!
  • When in doubt, contact your librarian.

This sample worksheet will help you refine your research topic. You may also want to consult our online tutorial, Scholarly Information, or check Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish, 3rd. ed., 2011, by Ellen R. Girden.  This book is available at the Bradford Campus Library  Q180.55.E9 G57 2011.

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