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Oral History Toolkit: A How-To and Resource Guide

This guide serves as a toolkit for students, staff and faculty who intend to create an oral history project or are curious about how to use oral histories as primary resources.

Journal Resources

National Museum of the Pacific War Oral History Collection

from 1990 to present in Portal to Texas History

Oral History Review

from 1973 to 2019 in Oral History Association Publications

Oral history forum

Oral history review  (0094-0798)
from 01/01/1973 to 07/31/2013 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences VII
from 12/01/1996 to 01/31/2007 in Gale Literature Resource Center
from 2008 to present in Project MUSE
  Texas Oral History Collection
from 1970 to present in Portal to Texas History
  US Latino & Latina Oral History Journal  (2574-0180)
from 2017 to present in Project MUSE



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