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Nonprofit Research @ Pitt

This guide supports those doing research related to nonprofits

What is a nonprofit?

A nonprofit is defined as:

A group, organization, institution or corporation formed to provide goods and/or services for a charitable, educational, religious, literary or scientific purpose. Nonprofits' assets are usually donated by companies, foundations or individuals who do not expect to be repaid. These contributions are tax deductible. If a nonprofit meets the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service's Code, section 501(c)(3), it can obtain tax-exempt status, and does not pay federal or state income taxes.

Getting Started: How to Use This Guide

This guide will help you conduct research on nonprofit organizations. The information and resources included here should be treated as entry points for further documentation and bibliography.

Through this guide, you can access the following kinds of information:

Starting Points

PittCat is the main searching tool for all of the materials owned by the University Library System (ULS), including articles, books, ebooks, journal articles, ejournals, audio and video, digital images, government documents, microfilm and movies.

Find online books, articles and more on what a nonprofit is, how it is formed, funded and managed. Use the Advanced Search to combine keywords in a search string. Here are some sample search terms :

  • nonprofit organizations AND fundraising
  • nonprofit organizations AND management
  • nonprofits AND business models

Key Journals

Pitt Newspapers Databases

Newspapers are a great source of information on local nonprofits

Pitt Article Databases

Article databases may contain trade and scholarly publications on nonprofits

Government Organizations

Foundation Center Network Partners

Trade Organizations and Associations

Ratings, Reports and Statistics

Blogs and Podcasts

Information Portals