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Strategic Management: Capstone - Bradford Campus

This guide is designed to assist students in the Strategic Management Capstone at Pitt-Bradford

APA Citation Style Manuscript Rules

Sample APA Style (7th ed.) Citations for Business Resources .

Annual Reports

Ford Motor Company. (2020). 2019 annual report [Form 10-K].

Ford Motor Company. (2014). 2014 annual report and Form 10 K.  Mergent Online.

Company profiles

Corporate Affiliations.  (2015). Ford Motor Company [Company profile].   Academic Lexis Nexis.  

MarketLine. (2013).  Ford Motor Company [Company profile]. Business Source Complete.

Mergent. (2016).  Ford Motor Company [Company profile].  Mergent Online. Retrieved September 15, 2020.

Industry reports

Mergent.  (2015, November).  North America automobile sectors [Industry report].  North America Industry Reports.  MergentOnline.

FRPT Research.  (2016, September 26). Microsoft focusing on cloud and newer technologies to drive digital transformation in India [Industry report].  FRPT-Software Snapshot, 9-10. Business Source Complete.

U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.  (2016, January 6).  U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services, November 2015 [Press release CB 16-07].

See more APA examples at:

Other Important APA Information

Page number is required for a direct quote.

  • (Smith, 2014, p. 23)

No page numbers for a direct quote? For in-text citation use para. # or Chapter #.

  • (Green, 2002, para. 25) or (Green, 2002, Chapter 2)

No date?  Use (n.d.). in both the reference and in-text citation.

  • (Jones, n.d.)

No author information for an article, chapter, or webpage?  Use article title, chapter title, webpage title, or first few words enclosed in quotation marks and italicize the book, report, or journal title when used in manuscript.

  • ("Librarians Help Students," 2017) or In the Hanley Library Annual Report (2016)

See the Quick Answers - References page of the APA blog for more examples.