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MEd in Curriculum and Instruction

This guide is designed as a resource for students in the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction program

Exploring Your Own Praxis

Throughout your MEd degree you are going to think critically about your own practice. What do you believe about teaching and learning? What do you understand and believe about the relationships between teachers, students, and texts? How did you come to develop these beliefs? Throughout the program you will look inward and then back out at examples of practice that are connected to the existing scholarly research base as well as examples that emerge from your own practice.

The coursework in the MEd program is intended to help you to walk away being able to use research to support and expand your practice, to marry theory and praxis, and to be able to use research-based writing as a way to communicate with colleagues and other salient audiences (e.g. funders, evaluators, etc.). To that end, some of the questions this overall activity seeks to position you to ask are: 

  • How do find resources to support my inquiries into theory and practice?
  • How do I read research and theory critically? What is the basic structure of a research article?
  • How can I write research-based arguments?