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Course & Subject Guides

Economics for International Business - Oakland Campus

For students in BUSECN 1508/BECN 2019, taught by Professor Jo Olson

Examining Multiple Sides

Below are some resources you can use to examine your topic from multiple perspectives. Be sure to evaluate the credibility, authority, accuracy, timeliness, and relevancy of each source you use.

ULS Newspaper Subscriptions

These links are access to the NYT and WSJ through ProQuest which can often be easier for searching than using their websites when using newspapers for research. The FT link is through Nexis-Uni which operates similarly. 

International and National News Databases

Use these databases to find news articles from large US newspapers to recognized newspapers around the world.


Use the resources below to find information on immigration, environmental, human rights and other policies.

Global Reports

Academic Journal Articles

Use these databases to search for academic journal articles - written by and for academic researchers.