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Entrepreneurship Resources @ Pitt

Information and resources to support multidisciplinary entrepreneurial research and activity.

Guide Overview: How to Use This Guide

This guide supports entrepreneurial research connected to Pitt curriculum, co-curricular activities such as the Big Idea Competition and any Pitt-affiliated business mentoring program. The information and resources included here should be treated as entry points for further documentation and bibliography.

Through this guide, you can access the following kinds of resources:

For information and resources for Pittsburgh entrepreneurs, please visit our Resources for Community Entrepreneurs Libguide

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Starting Points

Tracking business news, trends, and ideas is crucial to business success. Industry magazines and newspapers, podcasts, blogs and books are great resources for learning the lingo and following the stories of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Use the tabs to access our recommended magazines and newspapers, books, local resources, web sources, and library services to get you started.

Counseling and Mentorship

Pitt Resources



Online Communities

Information Portals

University Library System

Pennsylvania Public Business Libraries