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HathiTrust Digital Library @ Pitt

This guide explains HathiTrust and its benefits to the Pitt community.

HathiTrust Search

What is HathiTrust?

HathiTrust (pronounced 'hah-tee') is a partnership of libraries and research institutions that have come together to build and share a digital repository of millions of print works. Begun in 2008, the goal of the partnership is to build a comprehensive archive of published literature from around the world. HathiTrust has pursued this goal chiefly by digitizing materials like books and journals from major library collections and other partners, such as Google and the Internet Archive. Over 120 academic libraries and other major research institutions are members of HathiTrust. The University of Pittsburgh joined HathiTrust in 2010.

What is in the HathiTrust Digital Library?

Full-text access and downloading is available for these items:

The number of works in the HathiTrust Digital Library is large and ever-increasing. Materials cover a range of topics.

Logging in to HathiTrust

To access all the content and services available to Pitt users you must first log in by following these steps:

  1. Go to the HathiTrust homepage.
  2. Click on the 'Log In' button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Search for University of Pittsburgh in the search box. Select it from the list and hit 'continue.'
  4. Enter your Pitt Passport username and passport and click 'Submit.'
  5. You'll have to use the multifactor authentication service to authorize your login if you haven't already done so. 
  6. You should see a message stating you're logged in. 

HathiTrust Benefits

Anyone with an internet connection can access most HathiTrust content in the public domain, currently almost 6,000,000 titles published prior to 1928. Benefits to the Pitt community include the following:

  • Full viewing and downloading abilities for public domain (out of copyright) materials and materials for which HathiTrust has received permissions (see "Logging in to HathiTrust").
  • You can keyword search the entire HathiTrust Digital Library, both public domain and in-copyright titles, to facilitate information discovery.  
  • Access to the Collections tool, which makes it possible for users to aggregate works into permanent collections either for private use or to share publicly with others.
  • Use of the HathiTrust Research Center for data mining and computational text analysis. For more information about this tool, please see the HathiTrust Research Center tab.


Grateful acknowledgement is made to Anali Perry of Arizona State University for reuse of elements of her HathiTrust guide.