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Film and Media Studies Resources @ Pitt: Movies

Information about film and media studies resources available to the Pitt community.

How To Locate Films and Videos in PITTCat+

From the main library website you can type the title of a film, the subject you're interested in, or the name of a person into PITTCat+.

You can then narrow your list of results to just include films, videos, and dvds by using the options on the left of the screen. Select More under Content Type and check Video Recordings.

Depending on what you're looking for, you may want to limit your results to just include films in a certain language or just films that are available at your campus library.

To request a film from another campus, first click on its title in PITTCat+, then click on the "Get It" button on its item record.

Other Places in Pittsburgh to Find Films and Videos

Free Films Online

Web resources in Film Studies

The following Web sites provide links to scholarly and popular Web resources in Film Studies, television and video: