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Film and Media Studies Resources @ Pitt

Information about film and media studies resources available to the Pitt community.

Film Studies Databases

Placing Film Studies in Context

Microform Collections

For more information on the following microform collections, which are housed at ULS - Thomas Blvd., consult the detailed version of the record for each in PittCat. 

  • Association of Workers of Revolutionary Cinematography (1923-1932)
  • Cahiers du cinéma, 1951-1964; 1965-1980; 1983; 1985-1997
  • Cinema Pressbooks from the Original Studio Collections
  • Cinema History Microfilm Series.  Film Journals, Part 1
  • Cinema History Microfilm Series.  Film Journals, Part 2
  • Communist Activity in the Entertainment Industry: FBI Surveillance Files On Hollywood, 1942-1954
  • D.W Griffith Papers, 1897-1954
  • Early Russian Cinema, 1907-1918 (early Russian film journals)
  • Film Daily
  • Film Daily Yearbook of Motion Pictures
  • Hollywood and the Production Code  (film case files from the MPAA’s PCA)
  • Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will
  • Little Magazine Series: Selected Complete Short-run Cinema Periodicals, 1889-1972
  • Merritt Crawford Papers
  • Moscow Lenin Order Mosfilm Studio (1938-1945)
  • Motion Picture Catalogs by American Producers and Distributors, 1894-1908
  • Motion Picture Story Magazine, 1911-1941
  • Nickelodeon and Motography, 1908-1918
  • Photoplay, 1912-1980
  • What Women Wrote: Scenarios, 1912-1929
  • Will Hays Papers (papers from the former director of the MPPDA)

Soviet Cinema

Historical Magazines