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Course & Subject Guides

Conflict, Security and Peace Studies - Oakland Campus

This guide will assist conflict, security, and peace researchers with their research.


PittCat PittCat is the main searching tool for all of the materials owned by the University Library System (ULS), including articles, books, ebooks, journal articles, ejournals, audio and video, digital images, government documents, microfilm and movies.

Searching Techniques

Phrase Searching - PittCat allows for phrase searching with the use of “  “. For example, the search "climate change" will find items with the phrase climate change in them.

Wildcard and Truncation – You can use wildcards (* and ?) symbols to search PittCat.

Advanced Searching - Check the Advanced Search for more tips and techniques to enhance your search, including Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT). Note: Boolean Operators must be entered in all uppercase/capital letters.

Request Material in PittCat

You can request material through PittCat using Get It, even for material that we do not own. You must be signed in and then click on the item you need. Options within the item:

If you have any questions about this, please contact us so we can work with you to try and get the material you need.

Call Number Browse

PittCat allows browsing for print books by call numbers. To begin, go to the PittCat Browse and select "Browse by Library of Congress call numbers." Below, you can see the results for HV 6430. You can see suggested call numbers in the box to the left entitled Call Ranges for Conflict Resolution Books. Note: ebooks are not included in the call number search, as they are not cataloged with call numbers.