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Business Resources for Engineers

This guide will introduce you to business resources of particular interest to engineers.

IBIS World

Searching for Industry reports

In the main search bar, type your keyword, company, or NAICS code.

Note: Depending on the size and diversity of product/activity of some companies, more than one NAICS code may be attributed to the company. For example, one code may identify the primary business aspect of the company, and another code may identify other types of activities the company has. In addition, although the US Government has assigned the codes, the vendor of the database or other tool that you are using may be inconsistent in applying the codes.

  1. In this example, the keyword computer software is entered

    Entered computer software into the keyword box

  2. The results are displayed in groups. For computer software, you will receive industry reports for the US, China, and global markets. Each grouping will show you the first five entries. To the right of the heading for that grouping, select More Results to see all the matches (circled in red). You may also select the one of the five entries if it is a match for your needs (red arrow).

    You can access more results by selecting that option from the group heading. You may also select one of the five entries displayed.

Using Industry Reports

Download PDF is the first button on the industry report. Print is the second; search within the report is the third; and watch video tutorials is the fourth. You may also use tabs on the report to navigate the information.