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Writing a Research Proposal @ Pitt: "How To"

This guide is designed to assist students or those with limited experience in writing a research proposal for scientific research.

Helpful Books

Finding Guidance

Whether this is your first experience with proposal writing or you want to critique and improve on previous efforts, a variety of resources is available to help guide you in planning, organizing, and writing a proposal. Don't overlook the following possibilities.

  • Funding agency websites and staff.  These are key sources of information on the requirements you must meet and procedures you must follow.
  • University of Pittsburgh's Office of Research. Staff can provide useful information and help you navigate the University's procedures.
  • Books and journal articles. Although disciplines may differ, fundamental advice tends to carry over between subject areas.
  • Mentor. A professor or colleague with experience in writing successful proposals can answer questions and provide helpful feedback.
  • Workshops. The University's Office of Research and some funding agencies, such as the NSF, conduct occasional workshops and conferences focused on proposals.
  • Experience.

Use the items linked on this page, and find more by searching PittCat and the article databases.




Helpful Web Sites

Helpful Articles

Office of Research

The University of Pittsburgh's Office of Research has administrative responsibility for all University research and must review all proposals submitted by University personnel.

If you are writing a proposal for actual research funding, rather than for a course assignment, be sure to contact the Office early in the process. They can provide assistance with required information, policies, and procedures.

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