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Educational Policy Papers: Database Search Examples

This guide will serve as a resource for identifying and locating educational policy papers, white papers, and policy briefs.

Using the ERIC Thesaurus to Identify Search Terms

 The ERIC database search box, followed by an image of the Browsing operation in the ERIC Thesaurus for the word Policy. A second search in the thesaurus for the term Position Papers displays the Related Terms, policy analysis and policy formation.

Type Your Search Terms into the ERIC Database

An ERIC database search using the phrase "common and core" on the first line of the search box, with the addition of the phrase "position papers" on the second line. The next part of the image displays the search results and highlights the Boolean phrase used on the left-hand side of the results. It reads: (common and core) AND position papers.

Searching for policies in Policy File Index

A sample PolicyFile database search. The keyword is Common Core, and the search is restricted to the Organization Type, U.S. domestic.

Policy File Search Results

The search results from the PolicyFile sample search. The first result displayed is Flying under the radar? Common Core media coverage.