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Course & Subject Guides

Advanced Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory - Oakland Campus: Spectral Data

This guide is designed to help students in Chem 1140 - Advanced Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory.

Spectra Books

Menthol Proton NMR     Source: NIH

Image Credit: National Institutes of Health, Menthol Proton Spectrum.jpg from "Proton nmr" in Wikipedia.

These books containing spectra are available in the Chemistry Library.

Practice Problems

Want to practice your skills at interpreting NMR and IR spectra to identify chemical structures? This web site provides problems of varying degrees of difficulty along with tips on interpretation.

Web Sources of Spectra

Interpreting Spectra


Did you know . . .

. . . that ChemDraw can predict proton and 13C NMR spectra for a chemical structure you draw with the program?

Access ChemDraw in the campus computing labs below, or acquire your own copy from the Pitt Software Download Service.