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William M. Darlington: Selections from a Collector's Life, Summer 2014 @ Archives & Special Collections: American Revolution, 1775-1783

This library guide is an overview of the Special Collection's exhibit, "William M. Darlington: Selections from a Collector's Life," which features items that were a part of Mr. Darlington's early American history collection.

Commanders of Fort Pitt

Daniel Brodhead

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American Revolution, 1775-1783

George Washington to Edward Hand, Oct. 13, 1777


This letter from Washington recognizes the state of the garrison at Fort Pitt and the attitude of the neighboring inhabitants in furnishing assistance. He tells Hand that he can keep any Continental troops except those of the 8th Pennsylvania Regiment and any members of this regiment are to be sent to Washington's camp.

Items from this section of the exhibit are a part of the following collections