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Academic Integrity: How to Avoid Plagiarism and Maintain Academic Integrity

This guide includes information to help students navigate academic integrity and avoid plagiarism.

Academic Integrity Canvas Modules

In 2016, ULS created Blackboard modules designed to teach students the basics of academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism.  The modules have been successfully used in the Katz MBA program, the First-Year Programs, and the Office of International Students. Recently the ULS updated the modules to include updated content, interactive exercises, and better integrate into Canvas-based classes.

  • Module content includes an overview of academic integrity, Pitt policies on academic integrity, plagiarism and cheating, citing sources, and integrating sources into writing.
  • Interactive exercises and a quiz in each module tests student’s knowledge.
  • Students can earn a certificate for completing all modules. This certificate can be used as proof of completion.
  • Open Educational Canvas modules allow instructors to adapt individual module content to class learning objectives.

The Academic Integrity modules offer two ways to track scoring and completion of the modules.

  1. Students can complete the Academic Integrity module suite outside of class.  Anyone who completes the Academic Integrity modules with a score of 80% or higher will earn a badge in the Canvas Badging system
  2. Instructors can integrate individual modules or the entire suite of modules into their Canvas class section.

Badging & Modules

Anyone student who has completed all modules will earn a completion badge as proof they completed the modules.  Students can start the modules by logging into the general Academic Integrity module site.  Once they earn their badge, they can send their badging certificate to their instructor to show completion of the modules.

Copying Individual Modules into Canvas

Rather than have students complete the entire module course, some instructors may wish to use a single module within their class Canvas section.  To copy a module into a course:

  1. Create an empty Canvas module (the one you want to import into). 
  2. On your home page, on the right, select Import Existing Content.
  3. Next to Content Type, click on the drop-down menu and select Copy a Canvas Course.
  4. In the Search for a course text box, enter the name of the course that you want to pull content from and select it from the auto-populated list.
  5. Next to Content, select the button All content.
  6. Select Import.

For other questions about integrating these modules into Canvas, please contact our Ask Us Service.

Classroom Activities

Academic integrity values can sometimes seem confusing.  In-class discussion is a great way to clarify any misconceptions and reinforce academic integrity standards.  Here are a few suggested in-class exercises and activities you can use: