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A Guide to Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis Service @ ULS

This guide will define types of evidence synthesis reviews and how the library can help.

How the library can collaborate with you on your Evidence Synthesis

Studies have shown that collaborating with a librarian increases the reproducibility, and quality of reviews. (Rethlefsen et el, 2015)

Let us work with you to:  

  • Choose the best type of evidence synthesis for your project based upon discipline, question scope and timeline   
  • Select appropriate databases and sources of gray literature
  • Identify search terms
  • Create and refine search strategy
  • Organize references using citation management software
  • Determine which screening and selecting tools are best 
  • Assist with the research synthesis process, protocol development and methodology
  • Locate  published evidence syntheses on your topic
  • Find appropriate journals for possible publication of your review

Evidence Synthesis Consultation Form

Please fill out the form below if you would like assistance with your evidence synthesis. If you are in the Schools of Dental Medicine, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy or Public Health please consult the Health Sciences Library System.