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Using the Library in Korean and Searching for Korean Resources @ Pitt

Gateway for all Library Services

Welcome to the University of Pittsburgh Library System. In America, it is often said that the library is the heart of the university. Here are the basic services of the library, which will become a hub for your search for materials, a place to study alone or in groups, and the best place to go for help. Use the central search box to search any collection of articles, books, DVDs, and more. If you select "ULS Digital Collections" from the pull-down menu in the lower left, you can search all digital collections, not just the digital resources produced by the library, but also the collections stored as a depository. Site Search allows you to search for library services and departmental sites. You can also browse and find any page using the pull-down menu at the top.

Subject Specialists

Accessible off campus

From residence halls, apartments, coffee shops and other off-campus locations, you'll have easy access to a database that only University of Pittsburgh students, faculty and staff can use. Search as you would on campus, and if the paper or e-book you want to see is in a database, the Pitt Passport page below will open. Your username is the part before the @ in your Pitt email, and your password is the same as your Pitt email. Once you sign in, it will be valid for a while so you don't have to sign in each time.

Setting Multifactor Authentication (Duo)