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The Gilded Age & Progressive Era - Bradford Campus

This guide is designed to help locate primary and secondary sources for research papers and projects for Dr. Cilli's HIST 0211 The Gilded Age & Progressive Era.

Course Description

Checklist for Locating Sources

  • Find a topic for which you have a keen interest or passion.
  • Do some background reading noting any important names, dates, or resources.
  • Go to the library catalog to locate books (print and online books) and to the library databases to locate articles in electronic journals. These can help point to primary sources.
  • Search for books/articles/documents mentioned in the books and articles you have located.
  • Go to primary source databases and search (some of these might require extra patience and time).
  • Leave yourself enough time to identify useful primary sources and to locate and acquire these.
  • Schedule a library consultation with Marietta Frank (, Catherine Baldwin (, or Kim Bailey (