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University of Pittsburgh Stages 2020-2021 Season: Mainstage: Dramaturgy

Library resources relating to the productions of the University of Pittsburgh Stages 2020-2021 season


Caretaker – High-ranking members of Sanctuary’s society who are responsible for supervising the results of the Game and designing the simulations that will improve Residents’ way of life.

Central Central – Primary gathering place for Residents; often the site of important announcements and speeches.

Cloaking – Taking Gear offline to hide the location of its user.

The Creed – the pledge that the Residents recite to demonstrate their loyalty to Sanctuary and to Amin.

Eden – Janice’s name for the settlement she plans to build on the Surface; a utopian society.

Freedom Day – A day to commemorate the creation of Sanctuary and to mark the day that the founders chose to create a haven underground.

The Game – A simulation that students compete in to find resources for Sanctuary. Their rankings in the game determine their career and their standing as adults.

Gank – To kill someone in the Game.

Gear – The wearable electronic technology that connects the residents of Sanctuary: “communication device, Network browser, camera, timepiece, news feed, notetaker, calculator, entertainment generator.

Growers – Residents who are in charge of farming fresh produce for Sanctuary.

Guilds – Groups of underage Residents (Guildees) who work together as teams to train for the Game.

Keepers – The peacekeeping force that serves Amin and reports to Dr. Lowell.

Moles/ Diggers – Miners who work to clear new passages for Sanctuary. Low ranking members of society.

Network – The system Residents can access through their Gear to communicate with each other or to conduct research.

The Old World – Residents’ term for life above the surface, before they were forced to move underground and found Sanctuary.

Outliers – According to Amin, they are enemies who live outside of Sanctuary, aboveground.

Portal – The locked doors between Sanctuary and the outside world.

Sanctuary – The underground civilization established by Amin 30 years before the play begins, occupying the tunnels and chambers below earth’s surface.

Storyteller – An artificial intelligence system that makes announcements for Amin and updates Residents on current events.


Questions for Consideration

  • What makes this show relevant now?
  • How do the social distancing restrictions and virtual presentation affect the theme?
  • What choices do you see the kids making in this play? What values do they prioritize?
  • Tom Arvetis incorporates elements of Greek myths into this play. Why are these stories still so popular more than two thousand years later?
  • What role do myths play in society?
  • What is the significance of The Game? What purpose does it serve for controlling the population of Sanctuary?

Guide Creator

Content for this page was contributed by Liz Kurtzman, Spark dramaturg.