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Orientation to New Chinese Students - Oakland Campus

This guide is created to help newly arrived Chinese students to get familiar with the University Library System's (ULS) resources and services.

University Library System

The University Library System includes 7 libraries in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, as well as 4 libraries at our regional campuses in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville. As a Pitt student, you have access to all libraries, so feel free to study in the ones that are most convenient for you. Below you will find a map showing the locations of the libraries on the Pittsburgh campus.

匹兹堡大学的图书馆系统包含 Oakland 校区的7所图书馆,和 Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville 校区的4所图书馆。作为匹大的学生,你拥有使用所有图书馆资源的权限,并且可以在任何一个图书馆学习。下面的地图标示了 Oakland 校区的图书馆。

View Libraries of the ULS (University Library System), University of Pittsburgh in a larger map

For today's hours:

For current up-to-date library hours:

  • Visit our all library hours web page
  • Or get a Library Hours Brochure at any libraries' service desk (get a digital copy by clicking the above link)

Libraries by appointment only:

  • Allegheny Observatory 412-321-2400
  • Stephen Foster Hall - Center for American Music 412-624-4100 
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Hillman Library

About Hillman Library

  • Hillman Library is the main library at Oakland campus. Focused primarily on the humanities and the social sciences, Hillman Library contains approximately 1.5 million volumes, over 200 computers, study capacity for 1500 users, numerous departments, service points, and specialized collections. Whenever you need assistance go to the Service Desk located on the ground floor.
  • Hillman Library 是 Oakland 校区的主图书馆。该图书馆的馆藏主要集中在人文科学和社会科学领域,拥有大约150万册的馆藏资源,200多台电脑,能容纳1500人的学习空间,众多部门和服务点,以及特殊馆藏。如果您遇到任何问题或者需要帮助,请前往位于G层的服务台。

Photo of Hillman Library

Hillman Library Hours

  • Hillman Library opens 24/5 from Sunday to Thursday, and close at 10 PM on Friday and Saturday during regular fall and spring terms. To view more information about hours, please visit our all library hours website.
  • Hillman 图书馆在春、秋季学期期间,周日到周四24小时开放,周五和周六晚上10点闭馆。如需浏览更多关于图书馆开放时间的信息,请前往相关网页

Hillman Library Location & Floor Plan


Group study rooms are available on the ground, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floor of Hillman Library. Rooms that are able to be reserved include tech-enabled rooms with TVs and inputs, as well as larger rooms with white boards.

Tech-Enabled Rooms:

  • G-7A, G-7B, G-7C, G-7D (Max. 5 persons);
  • 201A, 201B, 201C, 201D, 201E, 201F (Max. 5 persons); 280 (Max 10 persons);
  • 387, 389 (Max. 8 persons);
  • 406 (Max. 18 persons).

Other Rooms:

  • 380 (Max. 6 persons)
  • 480 (Max.6 persons)

Reserve a Group Study Room 预定集体学习室

  • 前往
  • 选择表中可预留的房间及时间
  • 输入您的名字及匹大电子邮箱地址
  • 点击“Submit"即可


  • 一定要用您的匹兹堡大学电子邮箱地址
  • 预定成功后您会收到确认邮件
  • 可申请的预留时段每天不能超过2个,每月不能超过6个,每时段各1小时
  • 没有被预留的房间,遵循先到先用的原则 (first come first served)
  • 如需获取更多关于集体学习室的信息,请前往相关网页

First Floor:

  • Thornburgh Room
  • Latin American Room
  • K. Leroy Irvis Room

Third Floor:

  • A.J. Schneider Room

Fourth Floor:

  • The ENTIRE 4th Floor is quiet study area

具体安静学习区的位置,请参照 Hillman Library 平面图

Who can apply? 

  • 匹兹堡大学持有效学生卡的本科生和研究生

When and where to apply?

  • 周一至周五,上午8:30 - 下午5:00
  • Hillman 图书馆G层服务台 (Service Desk)

What CAN I keep in the locker?

  • 个人学习用品
  • 已办理借阅手续的图书馆的书

 What CANNOT be kept in the locker?

  • 食物,饮料,武器,有害/有毒物质。
  • 贵重物品如手提电脑、平板电脑,等等。图书馆不对任何遗失物品负责。
  • 非流通以及未办理借阅手续的任何图书馆资料

 What is the consequence of violation?

  • 违规存放的物品将会在定期进行的巡视中被清理掉。
  • 违规存放的物品将导致罚金。
  • 违规存放的行为如被发现两次,储存箱将被收回,并不再有申请储存箱的资格。

Other things to remember:

  • 储存箱的租用期:每学年的9月1号至来年的7月31号。
  • 储存箱的位置: 本科生的在三楼,研究生的在三、四楼。
  • 储存箱的租金: 免费,但数量有限,租完为止。
  • 储存箱的密码: 申请时已预设,不可更改,也不可与他人分享。
  • 如需获取更多关于集体学习室的信息,请前往相关网页

Printing 打印


  • Hillman图书馆在G层,1层,3层以及4层都设有打印机
  • 已注册学生每学期的打印额度为900页
  • 如需获取更多关于打印的信息,例如如何在自己的电脑上安装学校的打印系统,如何打印彩色文件,如何查询剩余的打印额度等,请访问学校打印系统网站

Scanning 扫描

Hillman 图书馆的G层,1层,3层和4层都有可以免费使用的扫描仪。

  • 您可以将文件扫描成具有文字识别搜索功能的 Word 或者 PDF 格式的文档
  • 您可以将扫描的文件传送至U盘中,或者发送到您的电子邮箱,Google Drive,手机或者平板电脑中
  • 如需获取更多关于扫描的信息,请访问相关网站

Photocopying 复印

匹大的所有图书馆都设有自助复印机。其中,Hillman 图书馆的每一层都设有自助复印机

  • 大部分自助复印机都可以使用现金或者 Panther Funds 付款
  • 复印的费用为:现金每页 $0.15,或者 Panther Funds 每页 $0.10
  • 微缩复印的费用为每页 $0.25
  • 如需获取更多关于复印的信息,请访问相关网站


Snow plow in Pittsburgh, December 16, 1914, from the ULS Digital Library's Historic Pittsburgh image collection 
Snow plow in Pittsburgh, December 16, 1914, from the ULS Digital Library's Historic Pittsburgh Image Collection.

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