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Visual & Performing Arts Timeline - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist students enrolled in the Visual & Performing Arts Tmeline course (HUMAN 1100) with finding sources for the comparative timeline assignment.

Assignment Overview + Purpose

"A timeline is a picture of events that happened in history, and the purpose of this assignment is to use the timeline to help you understand the connections between the developments in the arts in a chronological and historical relationship to one another.  For example, did the Baroque happen at the same time in art history, music, and theatre?  Are there common characteristics that define the Baroque across all three areas?  Did the Baroque happen at the same time through western culture, or did it occur at different times in Italy, Spain, and Great Britain?"


This guide will introduce you to the resources you will need to complete your timeline.  In addition, it will provide a basis for you to begin your research for the comparative analysis essays.

Seeing the Big Picture

You have a lot of ground to cover with this assignment, so it might be helpful for you to get a look at the big picture when getting started with your research.  Britannica Online has a number of timelines that might help you to organize your thoughts and decide how to create your own timeline.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although these timelines might be helpful in getting started, Britannica Academic is NOT an acceptable source for this project.  Once you are ready to begin your research, you will want to use the products presented in the subsequent tabs.