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Terrorism - Oakland Campus

This guide will assist students doing research on terrorism.

Political Science Librarian

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Christopher Lemery
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PittCat PittCat is the main searching tool for all of the materials owned by the University Library System (ULS), including articles, books, ebooks, journal articles, ejournals, audio and video, digital images, government documents, microfilm and movies.

Searching PittCat

Signing into PittCat gives you access to the most results. The sign in option is in the upper right hand corner of your screen. 

To begin a search, enter a term in the “search anything” box. You can select Books, Articles, and More to search for items across the entire library system including journal articles, images, ebooks, and more. Use the Library Catalog option to search for items available both electronically and physically in our libraries such as books, videos, music scores and more. The Course Reserves option will help you find materials put on reserve by instructors for a specific course.

The Results Screen shows you a list of items with basic information--click on a title to get a more detailed overview of the item you’ve selected. This detailed view gives you much more information about the item. You can see where the item is located and ways to email or print the record as well as how to cite. You may also see an abstract for the item or a table of contents if available.

You can Refine Your Results by using the menu on the left. If you only want a physical copy of the book pick “library holdings” or if you want an electronic copy of a book, choose e-book.

If Full-Text Content is available, you can get the full-text by clicking on the item title or the "available online" link.

You can add Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) into the Simple Search (the default search box) by adding them in all caps.

PittCat Basic Search

Call Number Ranges for Terrorism

The following is a short list of call number ranges to locate books on terrorism studies.

B105.T47 -- Philosophy, Terrorism

BL65.T47 -- Religion, Terrorism

BP190.5.T47 -- Islam, Terrorism

HV6430-HV6433.88 -- Criminology, Terrorism

  • HV6432.4 -- Terrorism, Department of Homeland Security
  • HV6433.3-HV6433.5 -- Bioterrorism
  • HV6433.7-HV6433.78 -- Chemical Terrorism
  • HV6433.785-HV6433.786 -- Maritime Terrorism
  • HV6433.79-HV6433.8 -- Narcoterrorism
  • HV6433.85-HV6433.88 -- Nuclear Terrorism

K5256 -- Political Crime, Terrorism

KB4351.5 -- Religious Law, Terrorism

KFN6145 -- Criminal Law, Terrorism

KZ6795.T47 -- International Law, War on Terrorism (2001-2009)

RC88.9.T47 -- Internal Medicine, Terrorism