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Supply Chain Resources @ Pitt

Provides information about and links to resources related to SCM research.


To find articles on supply chain management in databases, try these keywords:

  • "Supply chain" "supply chain management" OR "scm"
  • Logistics, Purchasing, Operations, Sourcing, Procurement, Suppliers, Shipping, Distributors OR Distribution

Structure your searches like this: [company name/industry descriptor] + [keyword]

Example: Apple sourcing

Example: automobile manufacturing logistics


Databases can be effective to search because they allow you to search hundreds or thousands of journals, trade publications, and news articles at the same time. Some suggestions for databases that include articles on SCM are below.

SCM Journals and Trade Publications

Sometimes you might want to do more specific searching or browsing within a particular title (such as a specific journal, trade magazine, or even newspaper). Below are some of the top journals and trade magazines in SCM.

SCM Organizations and Websites

Find Case Studies

You might want to find case studies about specific companies and SCM (like Macy's and how they are using SCM for retail) or specific topics within SCM (like RFID systems).

You can use the following resources to try and find some of these case studies.